FHA Loans

FYI, We work with down payment assistance for FHA financing. Just know that FHA loans seem to be the go to loan even with excellent credit. The reason most home buyers, first time home owners, or people who have just repaired their credit choose FHA is its government backed. FHA programs allow credit scores down to a 550, down payments are allowed to be gifted, and streamline programs with no appraisal. The down payment amount ranges on the credit score. (3.5-10% down)


VA loans are for veterans who have served or for people who are currently serving in the military. With what rates are on VA loans and no down payment needed this is always the first place to look when buying a home. VA is a government backed program so credit scores qualify down to a 550 with no down payment. You served us now allow us to serve you with the best rate, great services, and a new home!

USDA Loans

A government backed program made to help increase home ownership in rural areas with no down payment. A lot of times you are eligible for this program and may not even know you qualify so its always best to ask. USDA stands for United States Department of Agriculture which offers the program in all 50 states but not each city. It is 100% financing and backed by the government so it has a few guidelines regarding house hold income, location, and the term of the loan but a great starter loan.

Conventional Loans

Conventional jumbo loans require a credit 660 score to get started and a 620 score for standard financing. Conventional loans typically require a 5% down payment or more depending on Private Mortgage Insurance factors. Conventional loans have negotiable terms that can be set by the bank such as second lien, adjustable rates, or open term loans. Not all banks offer the same flexibility with terms and they are not backed by federal government programs.

Refinance Opportunities

People refinance their mortgages for all sorts of reasons – including lowering their monthly payment, getting a better interest rate, taking cash out of their home, shortening their loan term, or a combination of the above.

Just need to talk?

The homebuying process is an exciting and rewarding journey but on the way there’s a lot of information to digest that can make the difference between thousands over the lifetime of your loan. If you really just need someone to talk you through the process, we will gladly help. Don’t hesitate, just call us.

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